Mattress Cleaning Mitchell

Zero Stain Mattress Cleaning Mitchell provide professional Mattress Steam Cleaning, Mattress Anti Allergic Treatment Including Sanitisation & Deodorisation. Call us on 1800 197 443 for the same day service.

Mattress Cleaning  Mitchell
Mattress Cleaning Mitchell

Same Day Mattress Cleaning Mitchell

Zero Stain Mattress Cleaning Mitchell provide same day professional onsite mattress steam cleaning services. Mattresses are huge and heavy to be lifted. It is practically impossible to clean them single handedly at home. If you think by keeping the mattresses outside in sun helps in killing the germs, bacteria and other unwanted insects from the mattress, then you are absolutely wrong. These germs, bed bugs etc. stay well hidden inside the mattress and are not easy to be removed.

Local Mattress Cleaning Mitchell

Our Local Mattress Cleaners can reach on the same day of the booking. For maintaining your mattresses as new and getting them cleaned and making them bug free, you will have to hire a specialist and it should not be avoided. We are the mattress cleaning specialist in Mitchell, Australia who disinfect and dry clean your mattresses. Our cleaning experts use the latest techniques and the most harmless cleaning solutions to clean your mattresses and make them free from unwanted insects and dust.

Professional Mattress Cleaning  Mitchell
Professional Mattress Cleaning Mitchell

Mattress Stain Removal Mitchell

Mattress is one of the most susceptible places to stains and spillages. Along with stains, your mattress become the home for many other allergens and contaminants. These things pollute your mattress and make them an unhygienic place to sleep. It is important you treat the spill at the earliest to prevent it taking the permanent place. If you there are certain stubborn stains on the mattress and you are not able to clean them, hiring the professional help can be your best bet.

Why to get your mattress cleaned?

  • It is convenient cleaning ensuring a good night’s sleep with full comfort at home
  • When you get mattresses cleaned or dry cleaned, you get rid of all the stains
  • Dust gets removed from the mattresses using a strong vacuum cleaner. This prevents any form of allergies and breathing problems
  • The steam at high temperature leads to killing of germs which can causes diseases
  • It makes the bed free from bed bugs which can bite you and cause illness and continuous itchiness
  • It makes your mattresses hygienic and shouldn’t be avoided especially if you have a kid at home
Expert Mattress Cleaning  Mitchell
Expert Mattress Cleaning Mitchell

Services we offer:

  1. Three step dry cleaning – In this, we first use vacuum cleaners to remove dirt, dust mites and residue from the mattresses. After that, we rub shampoo on the mattress with a soft brush to dissolve trapped dust, dirt and stains. Lastly, we use an industrial vacuum cleaner to dissolve grime and extract all the dirt from the mattress.
  2. Two step steam disinfectant – Firstly, a vacuum cleaner is used to extract dust and mites from all the six sides of the mattress. After this, the mattress is treated with steam at 135 degrees to disinfect the mattress.

The whole cleaning process takes about an hour for every mattress. The process of steam sanitization is less time consuming as the number of steps involved is lesser. We extract almost all the moisture post the dry cleaning process. The mattress takes around 2-3 hours to completely dry, however, it also depends on the weather conditions. In summers, it dries up faster than the humid season. During, humid seasons, you may have to place the mattress under a fan to dry up faster. Hence, your daily routine and life is not disrupted for long at all. In about half a day, we can complete all the mattresses of your house and they will be in a usable condition.

Best Mattress Cleaning  Mitchell
Best Mattress Cleaning Mitchell

To ensure a good night’s sleep, you should regularly get your mattresses cleaned or dry cleaned and we are a trusted brand in Mitchell who can provide you with this service. Contact us on 1800 197 443 anytime and we will be there to serve you.

Location: Mitchell, ACT, Australia

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