How to maintain the carpet?

The costly carpets in our home are deserved to be maintained. Many people perception about carpet is negative, that carpet stores dust and difficult to maintain. On the contrary, this isn’t true, carpet needs daily attention. Cleaning carpet regularly and following some precautionary step would increase the quality and life of the carpet.

The question; “how to clean a carpet?” isn’t really hard to answer. Carpet cleaning is an easy to go job, carpet maintenance requires daily vacuuming, few methods to keep the surface clean and odour free. In this article, you’ll read about the how you can keep your carpet quality well.

Vacuuming the carpet daily

Vacuum the carpet daily, get a good vacuum cleaner and use it on the carpet. Do not use heavy vacuum cleaner, it’ll damage the carpet and collect lint. A normal vacuum cleaner is enough on medium setting, it’ll collect the dust and keep the carpet clean. When too much dust sits into the carpet, it damages the fabric and make carpet dull and fade.

Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

Place a door mat at the entrance of your home

Doormat is the best option to keep out the dirt, the primary reason of dirt on your carpet is people around you. They come and go out and bring dust into the home, using a doormat or remove the shoe policy can reduce the incoming dirt.

Take quick action on stains

Stains can be stubborn, for every stain, there’s a way to deal. When a stain is new, it can be removed with fewer efforts. But one the stain is dried it would be difficult to clean it, fresh stains are vulnerable, because it didn’t sit deeply into the fabric. So, deal with stain in time and keep your carpet clean.

Take precautionary measures while using commercial cleaning agents

Commercial cleaning agents are not completely safe. Some cleaning agents may even damage the carpet fibre. So, first test it and then only use it. Cleaning agents have high concentration chemicals, which isn’t even safe for humans. So, carefully buy chemicals. Also, do not expose the carpet to the sun, sunlight seems to dry the carpet quickly, but it fades the dye on your carpet. Avoid providing excess sunlight to the carpet and keep it there for an hour or two.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Deep clean the carpet using extractor machine

Deep cleaning the carpet once in a year is necessary for the carpet. While, daily vacuuming the carpet onl clear the dirt and debris, deep cleaning condition the fabric and sanitize it. You can either do the deep carpet cleaning by yourself or take professional help. There are many carpet cleaner in Canberra, who provide great cleaning services in Canberra.

Seek professionals help for deep cleaning

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning