How To Clean A Leather Sofa Without Chemicals

Leather furniture requires special attention. There are various products through which you can do leather upholstery cleaning. But using chemicals can harm your fabric or leather. You can even clean the leather sofa using no chemicals. Regularly cleaning your leather upholstery will increase the life of it and even maintains the look of your home. Below are the tips to clean the leather sofa.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Service
Leather Sofa Cleaning Service

Tips to Clean A Leather Sofa With Homely Methods

  1. Vacuum Clean:

    To remove the dirt particles you can vacuum clean your leather sofa. Use an appropriate vacuum cleaner which is suitable for leather sofa. Vacuuming requires no chemicals and can help in eliminating all the debris and contaminants present on your sofa. You can even attach the brush to your vacuum machine and then clean it. This will aid in better and effective cleaning. The bristles of the brush are very soft so there will be no chance of any scratches either. Ensure to vacuum your leather sofa at least twice a week so that there is no need of using any kind of chemical to clean it.
  2. Vinegar Solution:

    Vinegar is known as one of the best cleaning agents for leather Upholstery Cleaning Environa. This thing can be easily found in your kitchen or the stores. To make vinegar solution add an equal amount of vinegar with water in a bowl. Distilled water should be used in this procedure. Mix it properly and then take a rag and damp in the solution. Make sure that you are just dipping the rag in the solution only for damp. Do not drench the rag as this can cause damage to the leather. Later scrub the sofa gently and then rinse it using the same rag. Focus on the small section of your sofa first and then later on bigger sides. At the end let the sofa dry completely.
  3. Treating Stains:

    Your sofa may get affected with different types of stains such as grease stains, or any other types of stains. Different types of stains can be treated with different types of solution. Like dark-coloured stains can be removed by using the paste of lemon juice and cream of tartar. If your leather sofa is stained with grease then sprinkle some amount of baking soda and remove it off after some time. White toothpaste can also be used to remove stains from the leather furniture. So no matter what types of stain is present on your sofa you can remove it without using any kind of chemicals.
  4. Mould Removal:

    Sometimes your sofa may surround with moulds and mildew and this can lead to many health issues. It is very important to remove mould and mildew from your leather sofa so that you can use it without any tension. To get rid of mould from your leather sofa take an equal amount of water and rubbing alcohol and then apply it on your sofa. This is a wonderful method for leather sofa mould removal.
  5. Sofa Sanitization:

    Sofa sanitization is an important part of cleaning. You can sanitize the sofa with homely methods too. To make this solution for sofa conditioning add 10 to 15 drops of lemon with vinegar in a bowl. Then stir the solution to mix the lemon drops and vinegar properly. Apply the solution to the entire sofa and leave it overnight. Do not drench the solution into the sofa just damp it over. Next day morning take a clean cloth and buff the sofa. Do this once in six months for a healthy and hygienic leather sofa.
Leather sofa cleaning

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